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Recycling all kinds of garbage to the smart shredder,

Author:郴州智造科技有限公司Chenzhou Smart Manufacturing Technology Click: Time:2018-12-24 15:42:56

Recycling all kinds of garbage to the smart shredder, but also you an environmentally friendly earth.

At present, our country vigorously advocates energy conservation and environmental protection, low-carbon travel, opposes extravagance and waste, and advocates turning waste into treasure. Recyclable garbage can be found everywhere on earth, but with modern bins, these recyclable garbage and non-recyclable domestic garbage are classified separately.

So how can these recyclable garbage be turned into treasures? Let the shredder do it for you.

In life, there are many recyclable garbage, such as waste plastic bottles, mineral water bottles, waste newspapers, book paper, packaging paper, cans, waste furniture, waste tires, waste electronic products and so on. But it can be divided into: paper, glass, metal and plastic, rubber, wood and so on.

And the shredder is for the above waste materials, for shredding treatment, some can be made into particles (waste rubber, tires), some can be made into sawdust (waste furniture, waste wood), and some can be made into recycled paper (waste newspapers, waste cartons). The shredder crushes these materials by shearing, extruding and tearing. Let our shredder let more people know, eat these recyclable garbage, turn waste into treasure. Give us an environmentally friendly planet.

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